Status information

Coupler details
Order number 750-841/000-000
Firmware revision 04.01.06 (19)

Ethernet details
MAC address 0030DE02FD3A

IP details
IP address
Subnet mask
Hostname 0030DE02FD3A
Domainname Fodbold
DNS-Server 1
DNS-Server 2

Module status
Error code: 0
Error argument: 0
Error description: Coupler running, OK
Control-Mode status: Control-Mode is OFF

Important information

The 750-841 has a new Target-ID.

With firmware 13 of the 750-841 it was necessary to create a new CoDeSys-Target-ID.
In existing projects it is possible to change the target in the folder Resources under the item Targetsettings. The new target will be part of the version of WAGO-IO-PRO CAA. It is also available via the WAGO support. For compatibility reasons it is possible to change the target ID in the 750-841 to versions before 12. This is possible on the page PLC in the web-based management.